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Drawing on more than 30 years of combined experience in the residential construction industry, Tim Kirby and Greg Vogel, the principals of Molior Construction, bring a comprehensive approach to the construction and preservation of your home or renovation project. As a full service custom builder, we personally work alongside our Clients through the design, planning, budgeting and building of their home. Molior is a transparent, relationship-driven firm that values the Builder-Client bond that forms from the shared commitment to achieving a familiar goal. This transparency has created long lasting relationships with past Clients whom ultimately bestow the best marketing for our firm.


Molior has collaborated with a team of well-practiced, skilled craftsman and professional subcontractors which allow us to provide our Clients the highest quality product while maintaining rigid schedules and controlling costs. Our reputation has been built on uncompromising quality workmanship, meticulous attention to detail and clear communication between all involved parties to insure a seamless process and an end result that exceeds the vision of our Clients.


In addition to specializing in residential construction, Molior has also been called upon to manage several commercial construction projects, including two Baltimore-based restaurants, a 19,000 square foot national franchise fitness center and several commercial office buildings.


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At Molior Construction, we understand that with the appropriate pre-construction planning, we can provide our Clients with realistic cost estimates and critical path construction schedules that will bring the project from paper to realization while exceeding the expectations of our Clients. With this in mind, we start every new project by drafting a meticulously detailed Scope of Work, which breaks down every phase of construction, every part and piece that is required to complete a home or renovation project. By effectively building the house on paper through the process of drafting the Scope of Work, it allows us put our finger on every aspect of the project to quantify both costs and time required to complete, while providing our Clients with a comprehensive outline of their project. Once the Scope of Work has been completed, we then use it along with the architectural specifications and construction drawings to complete the cost estimate for the project, which is an all-encompassing compilation of subcontractor bids, materials and labor for the project.


Throughout your project, one of the Principals of Molior, either Greg Vogel or Tim Kirby, serves as your primary point of contact for executing the precise details of the construction plan, which simplifies communication and ensures the quickest response to your needs. On site, Greg or Tim will also be your dedicated project managers who manage, schedule and execute every step of the construction process. As Owner/ operators, we are solely responsible for the planning, cost estimation and cost management for the entire project. The accountability starts and ends with us and only us.


Molior employs a team of talented tradesman and craftsmen who have the ability to execute the most intricate design specifications. Every member of our team also shares our commitment to providing our Clients with exceptional quality and customer service accomplished largely through a dedicated work ethic and constant communication. The end result: a finished product that exceeds your expectations that endures for years to come.


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